Wireframe tool plays and important role in Website creation process. First yo design the mockup using wireframing tool then you convert this wire frame to PSD or Skech. Finally you can convert PSD to Responsive HTML

1. Terrastruct

This is a diagramming tool specially designed for software engineers to make software architecture diagrams.

Terrstrct Software Diagraming Tool

Although Terrastruct is a wireframe tool intended for software engineering and software architecture I was able to draw a wireframe for Wordpress Maintenance Service website easily.

I signed up for the free trial and drew the wire frame using the available tool. Since the wireframe of my website is very simple I did not use most of the tools available in the app.

To draw simple wireframe tools, you can use the tools under shapes category.

This is the outcome

Terrastruct Wireframe Example

You can use the layers feature of the tools to create multiple pages of your website.

This tool has something called layer scenario to make interaction.

Paid version has following features:

  • Export to png/pdf/ppt
  • Diagram comment and reply
  • Sync with Google Drive

2. MockPlus

This is a all one tool you can use the early stage of web design and mobile app design process. You can create the interactive prototype and scalable design system using this tool. In addition to that you can have the real time collaboration with your teams and clients.

Again, I made the same wifeframe for the landing page of the Wordpress Support Service

You can use the 14 days free trial to test this tool

Heer is how it looks

I am happy with the features which Mockplus offers to design a simple prototype like this

Only drawn back I found was, I was unable to resize the image preserving the aspect ratio

Fast design Fast interaction Real-time Collaboration
Components interaction You can build the interative component with drag and drop