When you search on the google for PSD to HTML Conversion you will get an answer for this question on several websites and google featured snippet also give you answer for that

This is a manual process of creating a PSD file which was designed by your designer using Adobe Photoshop Software, to web pages or HTML code. 

These are several service providers and also freelancers who do this PSD to HTML conversion service. They name this service in different ways, like

Design to HTML

PSD to Web Page

Slicing PSD to HTML

But all these names refer to the same service where front end developers take your PSD design and convert it to HTML/CSS to get the same look and feel of the original design.

If you want to make a  custom website then you can use this kind of service. First, you have to hire a web designer to do a unique design for your web site. He will give you the photoshop file (aks PSD). Then you can get the service PSD to HTML Conversion Service from the company to get HTML code

Why do designers not make designs in HTML?

Most designers do not like to write HTML,CSS code because it is time consuming and there is a learning curve for it. Another important thing is you have to test the HTML code in different browsers and different devices. 

Instead of doing the design with HTML, CSS they use design tools like Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator and Figma to create amazing web pages. These design tools have built-in features to make awesome designs and they have got ready-made UI components too.

But there are Full Stack Designers who can do both UI and UX design and write the code. If you are that kind of person you do not need this kind of service in life. Unless you want to save sometimes by outsourcing your task to frontend development team like Responsive HTML Factory

Why do some people hate PSD to HTML services?

Some people do not like to convert PSD to HTML because they argue that it is not the correct way to make a website and they think that design should start with HTML/CSS and JS and designer and developer should add effects, animation etc as the design process goes.

PSD design is like a dead picture or a poster stuck to a wall, you can not find any liveliness of those designs.

The designer may add his idea or expression to PSD design and ask the frontend developer to implement those ideas. If developers do not implement those features properly your pages will load slowly, cross-browser issues and may not visible properly on the mobile device

Pay your attention to hire the right developer for your next project

Yes, that argument is true up to some level. But our team has got the expertise to add some life to your webpage.

All you need is design to get started!

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