What is landing page?

Landing page is a standalone webpage in your website which is specially design mot marketing or advertising campaign.

Visitors coming to this landing page from different channels such as email, google ads, youtube, pinterest etc.

Landing page has got single goal or focus. Normally is has a call to action (CTA). If you sell product or service via landing page then you should focus on conversion rate. If you design a landing page for lead generation then you focus on cost to acquiring a lead.

PSD Landing Pages Channels
Landing page with different channels

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When you select a landing page for your next advertising campaign you have to understand the difference between landing page and normal web page. For example normal page has got lot of links, top menu bar and footer with links but in landing page you have only one call to action.

We have curated the best PSD landing pages in this article and you can use these free landing page template for your next business.

You can edit the PSD file and convert it to responsive HTML code. To convert your PSD to Responsive HTML code you can use two methods

1 You can do by yourself if you how to do PSD to HTML

2 You can outsource to PSD to Responsive HTML conversion company like us Responsive HTML Factory

Here is the complete list of the PSD landing pages and you can download according to your requirements.

1 App Landing Page

Good landing page for your next mobile app

App Landing Page
App Landing Page

This landing page was designed by Cosmin Negoita and you can use this to promote your mobile app.

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All you need is design to get started!

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