When you google the keyword “PSD to HTML” you will find lots of tutorial

When you google the keyword PSD to HTML you will find lots of tutorial websites and youtube videos which describe how to do PSD to HTML conversions.

But I found that some people have come to the conclusion to say the process is already dead. Honestly it is not true and in this article I will explain you the reason behind it

If it is DEAD why do you find lots of  front end development service providers who produce HTML code out of the Adobe Photoshop files you provide. And also count the number of tutorials you can see on Google results.

Just jump to the youtube and type PSD to HTML then see the results. You will be amazed at what you see.

PSD to HTML in Google
When you search the keyword “PSD to HTML” you can see a huge number of results in Google

What is PSD to HTML?

PSD to HTML is a workflow which is used when you make a website. First, designers can design your website using Adobe Photoshop from the wireframe you supply. He can refer to the wireframe to design the website. Once the designer completes the design, the developer can convert this PSD (Photoshop file) to HTML pages

So above process (workflow) is known as the PSD to HTML Conversion

This is the most popular web design workflow during the past few years and still a lot of designers and developers love to follow this method to develop custom websites.

To design a website, Photoshop is not the only tool you can use also Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Pixelmator, GIMP etc. These tools have basic features for you to design a website to have a great look.

When you create a website for your business it has got several steps. If you are in big organization you may have different segments of your business. Like manufacturing, accounting, relative selling etc

Some times you may need more than one websites or subdomains for your company.

So to maintain the brand identity and consistency you need to have a design system for your company

Steps involved in your web design process

  • Create a design system for your company
  • Create wireframe/mockups of your website
  • Create PSD design of the wireframe
  • Convert PSD to HTML pages

PSD to HTML Process

Now, we explain the process in detail with step by step

1 Design high-fidelity, pixel perfect website from PS (aka Photoshop). The end product is layered images of your completed website that match your Wireframe.

2 In Photoshop, you have the slice tool and you can slice the images and save them separately. So you get the assets for your web page using the slice tool.

3 Next, you code the HTML/CSS to match the PSD design. You can use the sliced images to place and to make the layout you can use the CSS or  you can use frontend development framework

4 Finally, you can test your completed HTML code in different devices and different browsers.

This process is really good if you design a website for a client. Client can see how his website look like before you code it and you can do the design changes to PSD file

Developer can include any animation and effects to webpage while he is converting the design to code

Other Tools to design websites

There are several other software you can use to design websites. We will see most popular tools used by the web designers


Sketch is a vector graphic edit tool and has a good design community who work with Sketch software. It is widely used for designing the user interface and user experience of web apps and mobile apps

All you need is design to get started!

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